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FlatTurtle, Open Source software to visualize datastreams on a 1080p display


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With MyTurtle, you can set up an HTML/JS interface to display datastreams on 1080p screens.

LAMP stack


Create a RESTful API to manage a lot of FlatTurtle displays.

LAMP stack, XMPP server (e.g., prosody), Qt capable settop boxes

MyTurtle Admin

A GUI on top of ControlBay.

LAMP stack, ControlBay


Create a RESTful API for reserving things.

LAMP stack


Create a flatdesign one page website using markdown or HTML.

LAMP stack

The DataTank

Create a RESTful read API on top of any datasource

FlatTurtle is not the copyright holder of this project. The project is mentioned here as we are a heavy contributor and FlatTurtle heavily relies on open data. Thanks to The DataTank, we can make datasets ready to be consumed by the turtles.

LAMP stack

Getting started

A lot of projects? Let's put the pieces together:

Setting up your environment

Installing the different FlatTurtle projects is easy. Each repository has its own installation instructions that can be followed step by step. You can find the links to the relevant pages in the projects section above.

To make it possible for the FlatTurtle projects to work together you need to use virtual hosts. This way you can define local urls for each project like http://myturtle.local. Do not forget to add these server names to your hosts file (location dependent on OS) and do not forget to update the project specific configuration files to use the urls of your local instances.

If you don't manage to set something up, feel free to add an issue on the appropriate repository, or to contact us personally.


FlatTurtle can provide services on top of the source code. At this moment, we don't advertise our prices publicly yet. If you want a custom offer, please contact us.

Description Pricing
FlatTurtle set-top boxes Rent our boxes and get an account on the main installation of FlatTurtle at my.FlatTurtle.com fixed per month
Custom turtle development Have a data source? We can code a turtle for it! per hour
Hosted instances We can install all the software with your domain, giving you the freedom to deploy your own turtles and organizing your own customers. usage per month (SaaS)
Software integration We can integrate FlatTurtle with your current software stack. We will work with the people in your company to set up and integrate the software with your set-up. per day


As you can see, we still have a lot of open issues on Github. Do these issues look like challenges you can handle? Mail us your CV!

We like

  • developers who already fiddled with our codebase*, they know what they are up to,
  • freelancers who can solve custom requests,
  • spontaneous solicitations for fulltime or parttime positions and
  • people who dislike bullet points such as graphic designers and information architects.

* We believe that as a developer, you should never accept a job without first seeing the code you will have to work with